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Financing Infertility Treatments

Financing infertility treatments at Ember Fertility Center

At Ember Fertility Center, we believe that each patient’s dream of starting a family is of the upmost importance. This is why we designed our fertility center with our patients as the central focus.

As a state-of-the-art fertility clinic, Ember offers our patients a truly custom VIP experience that delivers high-tech, evidence-based care to each individual. Ember’s patient coordinators act as personal guides, partnering with patients throughout their family building efforts.

Your coordinator will also connect you with all the resources you need to complete treatment, including providing information on costs and financing options, scheduling subsequent appointments, and access to patient medication training.

At Ember, everyone is a VIP – very important patient

And we have a thing for the small things: Each Ember patient gets a dedicated fertility coordinator, a patient’s personal care guide through every clinic detail, from the very first phone call to meeting your little miracle.

Fertility financing options

Individuals or couples who are struggling to get pregnant face enough pressure. Being diagnosed with infertility shouldn’t add more, nor should it be the end of their parenthood dreams.

At Ember, we know that finances and the cost of treatment can often be barriers to getting the fertility treatments they need. Patients don’t need to be further burdened by such costs.

So Ember is proud to offer financing options through LendingClub, CAPEXMD and WINFertility.

Financing Infertility Treatments with LendingClub

LendingClub offers personal loans for almost any reason and even offers specific fertility financing that only takes minutes to pre-qualify for. When patients select LendingClub as their financer, they will make one payment for up to four services, including in vitro fertilization (IVF), medications, preimplantation genetic testing, fertility preservation and donor services.

LendingClub fertility financing details

  • Must be a United States citizen, resident alien or currently residing in the U.S.
  • Installment loans and revolving lines of credit are available.
  • Most borrowers receive an answer within seconds.
  • No down payment is required.

Learn more about LendingClub’s offers and rates by visiting their website. They even have a payment calculator, so you can calculate your monthly payments.

Financing Infertility Treatments with CapexMD

CAPEXMD specializes in providing financing services for all infertility treatment options, even IVF and fertility medication financing! With their easy loan application process, CAPEXMD alleviates some of the financial burden associated with infertility treatments.  

Offering a wide variety of loan options, CAPEXMD allows fertility patients to attain the necessary financing required to make their treatment affordable. Each loan program is designed to fit the individual’s circumstances and once approved, CAPEXMD’s Fertility Loan Specialists will work closely with Ember to ensure the funds are secured prior to the commencement of your treatment.

CAPEXMD requires a minimum loan amount of $10,000. Learn more about CAPEXMD and available financing by visiting their website.

CAPEXMD infertility treatment financing details

  • Personalized financing plans with rates often much lower than credit cards.
  • A secure online application, easy to fill out, with pre-approval within 24 hours.
  • Customized loan terms, individualized for each patient’s financial circumstances.
  • $25 nonrefundable application fee.
  • No annual fees.
  • No pre-payment penalties (patients can pay off their loan at any time).
  • See CAPEXMD’s FAQ for additional fees.

Applicants receive pre-approval within 24 hours! To learn more or for answers to additional questions about CAPEXMD services, call them at 888.497.8414.

Financing Infertility Treatments with WINFertility

As the nation’s leader in managed fertility benefits for over two decades, WINFertility has helped 100,000 patients become parents. WINFertility offers high-quality infertility care at competitive prices so that more people will be financially able to access the treatments that can help them become parents.

WINFertility program details

  • 24/7 access to a WINFertility nurse care manager.
  • Care management team comprised of nurse care managers, patient specialists, and behavioral health trained care managers.
  • Finacing options to pay over time.
  • No age or clinical criteria required to participate.
  • Offers a direct-to-consumer program.
  • WINFertilityRx for medication discounts.

Livestrong partnership details

Ember is proud to partner with Livestrong. We provide special assistance to patients with a cancer diagnosis, and offer a set $5,800 price through our Compassion Egg Freezing Package. Please call us at 949-Mom-Baby (949-666-2229) to learn more.

Questions about fertility financing?

Are you an Ember patient with question about our financing options?

Your patient coordinator can walk you through the processes.

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