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What to Expect at Your First Fertility Appointment

New patients going to their first fertility appointment are often nervous and unsure of what to expect. Having trouble conceiving is difficult in itself, and facing fertility treatments or requiring reproductive assistance can be stressful for many.

We understand. All the fertility professionals at Ember go to great lengths to ensure that the process of becoming a patient and seeking treatment is as seamless as possible for every patient at every visit, especially the first consultation. Our people and our processes are focused on the patient’s ease and comfort, always.

Key points of your first fertility appointment

The following information details what to expect before, during and right after your first appointment so you can be thoroughly prepared to begin your journey. Learn about:

  • Scheduling & registration.
  • How to prepare for your appointment.
  • Getting to know our doctor & patient coordinators.
  • Support in managing emotions.

Before your first fertility appointment: scheduling & registration

To become a new patient with Ember, you’ll first need to request an appointment by either calling us at 949-Mom-Baby (949-666-2229) or requesting an appointment online. Our staff will connect with you to schedule your initial consultation.

Next we’ll ask you to register for our online patient portal and complete your new patient registration, including adding health history, details about trying to conceive prior to your visit and electronically signing consent forms. This will create your initial medical chart that the doctor will discuss with you on your first visit, so it’s important to complete the online registration before the appointment.

How to prepare & what to expect at your first fertility appointment

Gathering information on what’s causing trouble in getting pregnant

Here are some of the things that we will talk about and need in your first fertility appointment. Preparing notes on these items before the appointment will help patients relate the key information that begins the process toward customizing a treatment plan. The first visit is all about information gathering – the information we need, and the information you need.

  • Telehealth appointments available. Patients can utilize telemedicine consultations, connecting with Ember Fertility Center from the convenience of their own home. Patients can use their phone, tablet or computer for their virtual visit.
  • Future parent(s) should be present. Single parents can bring a support person. We encourage both partners in a couple to attend the appointment, if at all possible. Infertility can be due to a variety of reasons related to the woman, the man or both. LGBTQ+ patients who are not experiencing infertility but need reproductive services to conceive also benefit from having their partner present.
  • Be prepared to discuss your medical conditions, medications, and any vitamins and supplements you are taking. We strive for a complete understanding of every patient’s overall health, as it can directly affect their reproductive health. Having details about any medical conditions you or your partner have or have had is important. We’ll discuss the information you and your partner (if applicable) have provided in the Ember patient portal registration, addressing these items in more depth and asking questions.
  • We’ll discuss your attempts to conceive so far, which can help us understand potential reasons for difficulties in getting pregnant. We’ll talk about when you first started trying to conceive and how often you are having sex. For women who have been tracking their ovulation, we’ll discuss how you’ve been doing this and if you have been able to predict the probable window of ovulation.
  • Let us know about any previous fertility treatments or evaluations you or your partner have already undergone. If you have past lab or ultrasound results, bring them to your appointment.
  • We want to know what questions you have. Our goal is to make sure we have answered all your questions at any appointment, beginning with your first one. So please bring a list of questions you have for us. Writing down the answers may also help.

Other possible steps in the first fertility appointment

Following these discussions and depending on what the doctor determines is appropriate, we may complete or schedule some follow-up fertility testing, such as collecting blood and urine samples to assess hormone levels and other indicators of either person’s reproductive health. The doctor may ask the man for a semen sample to be analyzed before the next visit and may conduct a pelvic exam of the woman.

Get to know your fertility doctor

The first appointment is the first step in developing a trusting relationship with the doctor who will be providing your care. Dr. William Freije will provide the initial consultation to begin to get to know you, and you him. Personal trust and understanding are key to a great doctor/patient relationship, which fosters the best possible outcomes.

Connect with your personal care guide, an Ember patient coordinator

As a key part of Ember’s care process, we pair each patient with a dedicated patient coordinator. This connection begins when a patient schedules the first appointment and carries through until the last visit to our clinic.

Your patient coordinator is your guide and friend in fertility. Many of Ember’s patient coordinators have experienced infertility themselves, so they have personally lived through the issues and challenges patients face. Through one-on-one attention, your coordinator will offer emotional support, answer questions and shepherd you through the entire fertility journey.

Your coordinator will also connect you with all the resources you need to complete treatment, including financing and cost info, scheduling subsequent appointments, and access to patient medication training.

Managing emotions that come with infertility: we’re here for that too

New patients are often already emotionally stressed before even picking up the phone or making an online request for a fertility appointment. Strong emotions come with infertility, and we suggest that patients allow themselves to accept and be comfortable with that reality.

After all, infertility often involves high-powered issues: sex, self-esteem or guilt, disappointment, and family and even economic concerns. Ember’s whole team will be there to support you and help build a mindset of overcoming emotional obstacles. It’s an important and very constructive first step to conception.

Ember Fertility Center: designed with the patient in mind

During your first in-person visit, you will get to tour our clinic. It’s designed for you, the patient, from the physical layout to the medical and administrative processes.

  • We have a boutique, intimate vibe to create a private and positive patient experience.
  • Our team will know each patient’s name and their story.
  • Our appointment flow is constructed with precision timing.
  • All our equipment and facilities are state-of-the-art.
  • Our staff is committed to excellent care and your comfort in all interactions.

Because you’re worth it.

We have a thing for the small things

If you have any questions or concerns before this first appointment, please give us a call beforehand.

We look forward to meeting you, getting to know you and providing you excellent care!

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