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Understanding IVF Costs

Key points on IVF costs

  • In vitro fertilization (IVF) is the most effective infertility treatment, the most complicated and hence the most expensive.
  • The fact that health insurance coverage of IVF is not required by California law and many insurance plans do not cover IVF or offer limited coverage increases its cost for many.
  • The various steps in IVF range from medication for ovulation stimulation to minor surgical procedures and extensive lab services, all of which add to the total cost.
  • The cost of IVF generally varies according to the infertility cause or causes and the specific needs of the individual or couple; many people require more than one IVF cycle for ultimate success of a healthy child.
  • Ember’s fertility experts explain all the cost variables to each patient or couple, including an estimate of all IVF costs and our financing for treatment and packages that can reduce costs.

At Ember, everyone is a VIP – very important patient

And we have a thing for the small things: Each Ember patient gets a dedicated fertility coordinator, a patient’s personal care guide through every clinic detail, from the very first phone call to meeting your little miracle.

Why IVF costs are high compared with other fertility treatments

In vitro fertilization involves several steps, and just about each step calls for the highest levels of expertise and technological advancements. According to Fertility IQ, the total cost for one IVF cycle, excluding medication, consultation and additional aspects like embryo genetic testing, begins at roughly $14,000 depending upon the area in the United States where the treatment is done.

The cost of IVF can be broken into six main components:

  • Medications: about 20%.
  • Ovarian stimulation and monitoring: about 15% of costs and includes egg production simulation, bloodwork and ultrasounds for monitoring.
  • Egg retrieval and sperm collection: about 15% of total costs and also includes, anesthesia, surgery and facility costs.
  • Pre-screening: around 15%.
  • Lab work, including preimplantation genetic testing: around 25%.
  • Embryo transfer and associated cryopreservation steps, if using frozen eggs or embryos: about 15% to 20% of costs and may include cryopreservation of remaining embryos.

Additional costs for IVF include the use of donated eggs, sperm and embryos, as well as the use of a gestational carrier surrogate. These additional services are most often needed by single and LGBTQ+ parents, as well as by many couples experiencing infertility.

Fertility medications

These stimulate the ovaries to produce multiple eggs before retrieval. The number of viable eggs retrieved is an important factor in IVF success.

Fertility medication prices can vary related to the duration of treatment, the type of medication and the dose required for the individual patient. Fertility drugs are often a significant cost in IVF.

At Ember, medication costs usually range from $2,000-$5,000 and in most cases are $3,000-$4,000. Medication in minimal stimulation IVF can cost much less, as little as a few hundred dollars.

You’re worth it, you’re special

  • At Ember, we get to know each patient – and their personal story.
  • Our fertility doctor sees each patient at every visit.
  • Receive expert, compassionate care while enjoying our spa-like clinic.
  • We focus on providing quality time for each individual.

IVF lab services

Ember’s IVF lab is a vital aspect of patients’ IVF journey. The IVF lab is involved in just about every step of the treatment, including sperm prep, egg retrieval, fertilization in the lab, embryo culture, embryo monitoring with our time-lapse system, and transfer to the womb. Patients undergo continual diagnostic testing and monitoring conducted by our IVF lab director, embryologists and by our clinical staff.

Additional lab services include intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), assisted hatching and preimplantation genetic testing (PGT). Our IVF lab also handles the freezing, storage, and the ultimate thawing of eggs and embryos involved in cryopreservation.

Fertility clinic medical staff

The expertise of Ember’s medical staff, from our fertility specialist to our IVF nurses and patient concierges, are the keys to IVF success for our patients. Their experience, skill and insights are vital at every point in the IVF process.

Dedicated to each patient, our fertility clinic medical staff members are specialized in fertility care and IVF treatment specifically. Their intensive training is essential to getting the most out of the advanced assisted reproductive technology of IVF. Their invaluable contributions are a factor in IVF costs.

Helping patients cope with emotional stress of IVF costs

We understand that the financial burden of in vitro fertilization can create emotional stress and burdens for some patients. The costs and the uncertainty of success can cause anxiety and frustration, with patients cycling though hope, elation at successful steps and heartbreak with setbacks.

Emotional responses to IVF finances vary from person to person, with some patients experiencing no emotional effects while others feel downtrodden by them. We encourage patients concerned about the financial and emotional aspects to seek support.

Our staff members are always attuned to the emotional health of our patients. We can recommend counseling services specializing in infertility, support groups and online forums where other people facing the same troubles talk about their thoughts and emotions.

RESOLVE: The National Fertility Association, also offers an online source for infertility support groups.

Fertility insurance, IVF loans & financing and treatment packages

California law requires insurance and healthcare plans to offer coverage for infertility treatments, except for IVF. That means that IVF patients only have insurance coverage if their individual or employer-sponsored healthcare plans offer IVF insurance. This can be an impediment to many in covering their costs of IVF.

Recent studies indicate that about 54% of large employers in the country offer IVF insurance. We can help patients understand their insurance benefits regarding IVF. For example, some medications and testing related to IVF may be covered. Many of our patients work IVF costs into their savings plan and family budget. Ember encourages patients to check with their human resources department to see what coverage for IVF is included in their health insurance benefits.

Financing for IVF costs

The staff at Ember does not want the cost of this most effective treatment for infertility to be completely out of reach for those who need it. We offer several financing and IVF loan options to help patients attain their goals of family, as well as additional forms of assistance.

These include IVF loans through LendingClub and financing through CAPEXMD and WINFERTILITY.

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We offer three in vitro fertilization packages to help patients reduce their treatment costs. 

Our Accumulative Cycle Package is for patients who may need multiple cycles. For example, it can include 2 retrievals + 1 embryo transfer, or 3 retrievals + 1 embryo transfer. This helps patients reduce financial burdens, and it is totally refundable if the patient decides not to continue the 2nd or the 3rd cycle. Ember also offers a Live Birth Guarantee Package, as well as unlimited stimulation/egg retrieval within 12 months for a fixed price. For details on these three savings packages, please call our office at 949-Mom-Baby (949-666-2229).

Ember’s special discounts for those in need

We are willing to further help those with financial hardship, cancer or disabilities and those in underrepresented groups. Ember gives back to those families with special discounts and offering our help in reaching out to pharmacies for reduced-cost or free medications. Please call us for more information.

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